A downloadable game for Windows

Death to Love is a co-op beat em' up inspired by punk rock. You play as Liz Love and her bandmate Jay as they fight through hordes of corrupt cops to save Liz' girlfriend from her father, the corrupt billionare Mr. Loveless!

  • Mow down waves of enemies with your guitar and your fury!
  • Fast paced, co-op combat, pick one of two charachters to smash the opposition to pieces!
  • Enjoy our Rockin' soundtrack!


Ben Chiaro- Team Lead, Programmer, Designer

Thomas Wang- Programmer

Nathan More- Programmer, Designer

Sydney Leister- Concept Artist, Animator

Brittney Tran- Concept Artist, Animator, Writer

Alex Noya- Writer

Daniel Le- Background Artist

Eric Park- Designer, UI Designer, Programmer

Nour Hamade- Artist, Animator

Bassel Atout (Polyphony Productions) - Composer

Andrew Stefani- SFX Artist, Wwise Audio Implementation

Redford Hudson- SFX Artist

Estey Boling- Vocal

Emei Wade- Artist, Animator


DTL 6-14.zip 576 MB

Install instructions

  1. Windows:
    1. Download the zip file
    2. Extract the Zip file
    3. Run "Death to Love.exe"


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cool and hope look lot stage .